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taxi to Laem Chabang Cruise Terminal
Journey from Bangkok to Laem Chabang

Transfer to Laem Chabang: 1,300 THB - city; 1,700 THB - cruise (including parking);

Laem Chabang is located in the province of Chonburi to the North from Pattaya. It is the largest in Thailand and one of the largest worldwide cruise terminal. Majority of international cruises from Thailand to Asia countries start from Laem Chabang port.
Laem Chabang city is famous with its International Golf Counrty Club.
The city is famous also for its shopping center Harbor with childrens attractions: slide from the second to the first floor, game zone, skating ring.
Laem Chabang is located in 130 km from Bangkok and 30 km from Pattaya.


Taxi and Individual Transfer to Laem Chabang

You can get to Laem Chabang from Bangkok airports, Bangkok city, Pattaya with taxi.
Please keep in mind: taxi to/from Laem Chabang cruise terminal costs 400 THB more than to/from Laem Chabang city because of parking fee at the port.
Pattaya Express service executes transfers to Laem Chabang.
  • All the rates (please see below) are TOTAL with NONE EXTRA CHARGES.
  • Baby or child seat is included if needed.
  • Any auto you need is available: sedan Toyota Camry, minivan Toyota Inova, SUV Toyota Fortuner, minibus Toyota Commuter, luxury minibus Hyundai H1 de Luxe.
  • We offer our service 24*7 by phone +66-8-00023377, filling booking form or by email: info@pattaya-express.com.


Sedan Toyota Camry
Такси в Тайланде. Toyota Camry. Laem Chabang
MPV Toyota Innova
Машина с водителем. Такси. Тип 2. Toyota Inova
SUV Toyota Fortuner
Такси. Паттайя. Бангкок. Laem Chabang Трансфер. Тип 3. SUV Toyota Fortuner
VAN Toyota Commuter
Аренда машины с водителем. Такси. Тип 4. VAN Toyota Commuter
VAN Hyunday H1 Deluxe
Машина с водителем. Такси. Трансфер из Бангкока в Паттайю. Тип 4. Hyunday H1 Deluxe
BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi) -
Laem Chabang
1,300 THB
(to/from port: 1700 THB)
1,400 THB
(to/from port: 1700 THB)
1,700 THB
(to/from port: 2100 THB)
2,100 THB
(to/from port: 2500 THB)
3,000 THB
(to/from port: 3400 THB)
Bangkok -
Laem Chabang
1,500 THB
(to/from port: 1,900 THB)
1,600 THB
(to/from port: 2,000 THB)
1,900 THB
(to/from port: 2,300 THB)
2,300 THB
(to/from port: 2,700 THB)
3,200 THB
(to/from port: 3,600 THB)
Pattaya -
Laem Chabang
1,100 THB
(to/from port: 1,500 THB)
1,200 THB
(to/from port: 1,600 THB)
1,300 THB
(to/from port: 1,700 THB)
1,700 THB
(to/from port: 2,100 THB)
2,600 THB
(to/from port: 3,000 THB)


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Bangkok airport. VIP meeting/farewell meet and greet service
VIP meeting/departure

Imagine you just landed in Bangkok airport.
You want to start a trip right away.
Pattaya Express suggests to take advantage of a VIP meeting.

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Big Buses Thailand
Bus Rental

Needed transport for big company during vacation in Thailand? No problem. Pattaya Express suggests to take advantage of 40 and 60 seats big buses.

Big Bus Rental in Detais
Экскурсии в Тайланде Паттайя
Excursions in Thailand

Excursions and Individual Tours, Cognitive Programs,
Zoo, Gardens, Islands,
Extreme, etc with Pattaya-Express.

Excursions and Tours in Details
Mae Phim Resort, Rayong

If you are looking for the place to relax from chaotic working life and relish stunning sunset every evening, this is the right one. Laem Mae Phim is a tranquil beach in Rayong.
Province, the east of Thailand, where is the cape graciously laid into the Thai gulf.

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taxi bangkok pattaya khap yai
Khao Yai Cafe Hopping

Into the middle of greenery mountain of the national park Khao Yai, we would like to guide you, coffee lovers and café hoppers, to three cafes that could complete your weekend from city chaotic: Birder's Lodge; Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank; Pirom Cafe.

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Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Chanthaburi
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

This magnificent catholic cathedral is the largest Christian church in Thailand. It is located on the east bank of Chanthaburi River in the heart of Chanthaburi Province - city Chanthaburi.

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Turtle Conservation Center, Sattahip

Sattahip district in Chonburi province is about 50 km south of Pattaya, and it is where many Royal Thai Navy centers are situated. There are also several impressive white sandy beaches on islands like Koh Kham and Koh Samae San in the Gulf of Thailand.
Sea Turtle Conservation Center under the care of the Royal Thai Navy was established in 1950 with two main purposes.

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Koh Kret, Nontaburi

If you are fade up with elephant rides, nightclubs, and big shopping centers, and you want a one-day trip away from Bangkok to a much quieter place with rich cultural heritages, Koh Kret is an excellent choice.

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Koh Sichang, Sri Racha
Koh Sichang, Sri Racha

Located only in 105 kilometers from Bangkok, Sri Racha is a perfect place for those who are after good food, convenience, and breathtaking natural attractions combined. This ‘Little Osaka’ is home to many industrial estates, and Sri Racha pineapple is as famous as Si Racha sauce. Above all, your Si Racha trip will not be completed without visiting Koh Sichang in the Gulf of Thailand.

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