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08-0002-3377 (in Thailand)
40 seat bus rental. Bangkok. BKK airport. Pattaya. Don Mueang airport. Ban Phe. Hua Hin. Rayong. Koh Chang Bus 30/40 Seats rental starting 7,500 THB.
Double Decker 60 Seats rental starting 8,500 THB.
Individual Tours in Thailand with Pattaya-Express
Rent Bus around Thailand 30 seats

Bus Rental in Thailand

Needed transfer for big number of passengers? No problem. "Pattaya-Express" offers rental of comfortable air-conditioned buses (for 30 seats) for standard or individual tours.

All the rates include:
  • oil, parking, high tolls;
  • usage of mini-kitchen, TV, cd, karaoke.
Each bus rental day is up to 12 hours. Each extra hour costs 2,000 THB/hour.
If you need a tour guide the rate is +1,500 THB/day.
If you need bus transfer between two directions and sightseing the rate is calculated as transfer between locations plus 2,000 THB.
For example, if you book 40 seats bus for round trip between Bangkok and Pattaya with sightseing in Pattaya and tourguide, the rate is 10,500 + 1,500 = 12,000 THB.

It is worth to book buses no later then 14 days before the transfer.
Each individual tour rate is to be discussed with manager.
The standard tours rates are following:


Route 30 / 40 Seats Bus Double Decker
BKK airport - Pattaya
Pattaya - BKK airport
Bangkok - Pattaya
Pattaya - Bangkok
10,500 THB 12,500 THB
BKK airport - Ban Phe
Ban Phe - BKK airport
Bangkok - Ban Phe
Ban Phe - Bangkok
13,500 THB 14,500 THB
BKK airport - pier to Koh Chang
pier to Koh Chang - BKK airport
Bangkok - pier to Koh Chang
pier to Koh Chang - Bangkok
16,000 THB 17,000 THB
BKK airport - Hua-Hin
Hua-Hin - BKK airport
Bangkok - Hua-Hin
Hua-Hin - Bangkok
13,000 THB 14,000 THB
BKK airport - Bangkok
Bangkok - BKK airport
Bangkok - DMK airport
DMK airport - Bangkok
7,500 THB 8,500 THB
Pattaya - DMK airport
DMK airport - Pattaya
10,500 THB 11,500 THB
DMK airport - Ban Phe
Ban Phe - DMK airport
14,000 THB 15,000 THB
DMK airport - Hua-Hin
Hua-Hin - DMK airport
14,000 THB 15,000 THB
DMK airport - pier to Koh Chang
pier to Koh Chang - DMK airport
16,500 THB 17,500 THB
Rental Day around Bangkok and outskirts 11,000 THB 12,000 THB
Rental Day around Pattaya and outskirts 11,000 THB 12,000 THB

Please call us: +66-8-0002-3377 (out of Thailand) or 08-0002-3377 (from Thailand).
Or just send a message via email: info@pattaya-express.com.

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