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taxi Bangkok airport. VIP Meeting right at the door of the aircraft VIP Meeting right at the door of the plane - fast track from 3,000 THB!
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VIP taxi in Pattaya at 2,000 THB. Fast track

VIP Meeting/Farewell in Thailand

"You can't get lost time back"

Imagine you have just landed in Bangkok Suvaranabhumi airport, some of you after enduring a long haul flight. You anticipate seeing the Land of Smiles or quick arriving in your hotel. But hold on!..

Suvaranabhumi airport is one of the busiest airports in Asia. It is famous for its extremely long waiting lines to passport control. Some passengers have reported that they had to be waiting for above two hours in an overwhelmed queue at immigration. Such a start of your trip seems rather frustrating.


We at Pattaya Express want that our customers would have a nice impression from the very beginning of their visit in Thailand. We do all our best to provide you with a smooth and comfortable transfer. We believe you highly value your own time and comfort. Would you like to waste from 45 minutes to two hours of your priceless time in a crowded place with crying babies, loudly chattering teenagers, etc.? If you arrived with your own children, would you wish them to suffer in the overwhelmed queue? Recall your childhood: how did you feel when you had to stand in a long waiting line? Would you take a chance not to arrive promptly in an important meeting if you came for a business trip?


Pattaya Express suggests you to take advantage of a VIP meeting. A friendly hostess will greet you right after you exit the plane. A golf cart will quickly and comfortably transfer you to an especial counter of passport control which is free of waiting lines.  Then you pick up your already unloaded luggage, and you can begin your visit in the Land of Smiles with your own smile.


VIP farewell at Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi BKK

Final impressions are those which one remembers best of all. Would you like to spoil the final impression of your (hopefully) successful trip in Thailand with unnecessary worries about prompt boarding to the plane while you are standing in a queue at passport control to leave the country? Indulge yourself and your family with a smooth departure! Let us make the ending of your visit pleasant with our VIP farewell service! Thailand wants to say you 'Good bye!' with a smile.


The rate of VIP meeting

Pattaya Express offers you VIP meetings for the following rates:

First adult person : 3,000 THB

Each additional adult person : 1,500 THB

Each child : 1,000 THB

For example, a VIP meeting of a family with a child will cost 5,500 THB.


The rate of VIP farewell

Each adult person : 1,500 THB

Each child : 1,000 THB

For example, a VIP meeting of a family with a child will cost 4,000 THB.

It is worth to book VIP meeting/farewell no later then in 3-5 days before.

Please, call us: +66-8-0002-3377 (out of Thailand) or 08-0002-3377 (from Thailand).
Or just send an e-mail message to: info@pattaya-express.com

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06.12.2017, Saira
I am pretty much happy with your company taxi service. I have passed the same news to all of my family and friends... Details
26.11.2017, Andrew
I thought I would send you this email to let you know how pleased I was with your service: the VIP pickup was very good and the taxi also... Details
14.10.2017, Mike
A quick message to say thanks again for your excellent service. We have used you and recommended you to friends a good number of times now and you have always come good.... Details
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