Transfer in Thailand. Taxi from airport Suvarnabhumi (BKK) to Pattaya for 1,200 THB Taxi Bangkok Pattaya starting at 1,200 THB. Book here

VIP meeting right at the door of the aircraft starting from 3,000 THB! Book here
Taxi Bangkok airport Pattaya for 1,400 THB
Book taxi right now!

Taxi in Thailand

Taxi Service in Thailand. Pattaya Express. Our priciples

Pattaya Express is a leader in taxi service in Pattaya. We specialize in personal transportation to all directions in Thailand.

Transfer from airport of Suvarnabhumi to Bangkok and pattaya. Pattaya-Express. Stock of cars

Pattaya Express's large fleet of comfortable cars helps us to achieve our main goal: providing a total experience to our customers.

Taxi in Thailand. Taxi service at moderate price

Our rates are all-inclusive. They contain insurance and highway tolls. No payment in advance is required! There are no hidden fees in Pattaya Express.

Taxi in Thailand. Taxi from airports of Bangkok Suvarbabhuni and Don Muang to Bangkok and Pattaya

The most popular destinations in Thailand are: from airports Suvarnabhumi (BKK) & Don Muang (DMK) to Bangkok and to Pattaya.

Pattaya Express is a team of professionals who tailor personal transfers to its clients' needs and wishes. The variety of car models in the fleet allows you to make an optimal choice for comfortable transportation in Thailand, e.g., for a transfer from airport of Bangkok to Pattaya.

Each car is air-conditioned. All our drivers speak English. You can tentatively book a transfer in Thailand through the web-site or by cell phone. Our manager will consult you in all issues related to a taxi, VIP travel, car rental, and individual tours in Pattaya or other cities of Thailand. Do not hesitate to contact us after your arrival to the destination. We will be happy to answer your questions. The satisfacion of our costomers is above all for us.

In September 2015, Bangkok all the drivers of Pattaya Express Team attended workshop "How to Become a Limousine Driver" and successfully passed the exam!

Taxi Bangkok Pattaya. How to become a limousine driver workshop. Taxi airport Pattaya Taxi Bangkok Pattaya. How to become a limousine driver workshop
Taxi Bangkok Pattaya. How to become a limousine driver workshop. Taxi Pattaya Taxi Bangkok airport Pattaya. How to become a limousine driver workshop
VIP meeting/farewell
Bangkok airport. VIP meeting/farewell
Imagine you just landed in Bangkok airport. You want to start a trip right away. Pattaya Express suggests to take advantage of a VIP meeting. Details
Bus Rental
Big Buses Thailand
Needed transport for big company during vacation in Thailand? No problem. Pattaya Express suggests to take advantage of big buses. Details
Excusions in Thailand
Tours in Thailand Pattaya
Excursions and Individual Tours, Cognitive Programs, Zoo, Gardens, Islands, Extreme, etc with Pattaya-Express Details
Customers about us
19.01.2016, c
Dear Pattaya-Express Team!
I just wished to thank you for making our trip in Bangkok unforgetable... Details
15.11.2015, Hushin
I had memorable trip with the taxi service from Bangkok airport to Pattaya provided by your company. Please extend my gratitude to the person who had sent me to the airport... Details
24.09.2015, Akash
The ride was excellent. On time and well coordinated. Will always recommend Pattaya Express! Details
Weather in Pattaya

Shopping in Pattaya
  • Taxi Pattaya. Supermarket HomeWorks
  • Taxi Thailand. Supermarket Makro
  • Transfer in Thailand. Supermarket BigC
  • Transfer Pattaya. Supermarket. Tesco Lotus
Transfer to supermarkets of Pattaya: Tesco Lotus, BigC, Makro, Homeworks, Index, Concept and other shops of Pattaya.
Trip costs 1,000 THB. Prices includes trip to supermarket, waiting during 1.5 hours, trip back.
If you need a trip from outskirts of Pattaya the price is 1,200 THB.

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